This video is a demonstration of F1 Teleport Menu in Debug Mode. =============================================== Transistor Game Built-in Cheat Mode To activate: Run game by adding command line parameters. (e.g. “xxxxxx/Transistor.exe /c ..\ -ShowFPS=true -GodMode=true”) Useful Parameters: -ShowFPS=true -GodMode=true -Invincibility=true -GuranteeCrit=true -DisableDamage=true -DirectLoad=XXX (XXX is the map name, for example the first map is “Welcome01”. Refer to game map folder for more map names.) ===============================================

Transistor Game Built-in Debug Mode To activate: OVERWRITE HACKED GAME ENGINE Useful Hotkeys: P Toggle Pause F1 Teleport Menu F2 Equipment Menu F3 Acquire Function Menu F5 Limiter Menu F6 Function Slot Menu F7 Recursive Menu Shift+Up Instant Level Up Ctrl+Shift+L Level Up to 99 Ctrl+Shift+V Instant Save Ctrl+Shift+O Instant Load Ctrl+MouseScroll Zoom Map Ctrl+MiddleButton Reset Zoom Ctrl+F Toggle FPS Display Ctrl+G Toggle God Mode Ctrl+X Suicide Ctrl+U Randomly Equip four Functions Ctrl+R Next Special Effect Ctrl+Shift+R Previous Special Effect Ctrl+B Next Bloom Effect Ctrl+Shift+B Previous Bloom Effect Ctrl+End Restart Map Ctrl+Home Reset User Data Ctrl+Shift+~ Toggle Damage Ctrl+Shift+Y Destroy Nearby Enemy Ctrl+Shift+N Skip to Next Map Ctrl+Shift+PgDn Deplete HP Ctrl+Shift+1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/-/= Toggle Display Layers Ctrl+A Toggle Music Ctrl+I Toggle ID Display Ctrl+Shift+; Toggle Grid Display Ctrl+Alt+V Toggle Animation Ctrl+P Performance Mode Ctrl+T Fast Debug Mode Refer to “DebugScripts.txt” located in game script folder for more hotkeys. In fact, once Debug Mode is activated, you can write your own hotkeys. DOWNLOAD HACKED ENGINE (v1.27664):



Hack for those stayed with an awful loadout

I have seen a couple of strings where individuals have coincidentally turned out to be screwed over thanks to an awful/unwinnable loadout because of the limiter that Overloads capacities upon evacuation.

After some experimentation, I have concocted a hack that enables you to re-prepare your loadout as though no capacities were over-burden by any stretch of the imagination.

It is as per the following:

1. Open up the DebugScripts.txt in the Transistor/Content/Scripts/organizer.

2. Appropriate underneath the best (beneath where it says “//Include to investigate maps”), duplicate/glue these lines-

OnControlPressed Stop


SetFlagFalse({ Set = “Banners”, Name = “NO_DRAWS” })

SetFlagTrue({ Set = “Banners”, Name = “UNLIMITED_DRAWS” })

OpenMenu({ Name = “HandScreen”, Delay = 0.8 })


3. Load up Transistor, enter the diversion, and press the catch that makes Red Stop her development (Mouse and Keyboard default is Shift key)

4. You can prepare the majority of your capacities inside this screen, regardless of whether they had been over-burden already. Prepare your loadout like typical, at that point leave the screen.

5. In a perfect world you would now get to a typical Access point to legitimately spare your diversion. On the off chance that you do, you’ll see that your capacities are as yet Overloaded despite the fact that they are prepared. I’m including this progression since I don’t know how the amusement communicates with spares that weren’t at legitimate Access Points/New Maps.

I have tried this hack myself and have possessed the capacity to prepare over-stacked capacities. I’m not mindful of any negative symptoms, but rather that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Use at your own particular hazard.


transistor Game Built in Cheat Mode & Debug Mode
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